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Why Choose Accept Solar?


At Accept Solar, we take a very personal approach to helping our clients go solar. So personal that if it's not right for our own home, we will advise you it may not be right for your home. 

We educate our clients on the entire process from tax credits to installation and everything in between. 

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The Solar Process


The process at Accept Solar is to receive your electric bill, our office will review your bill, ask you what your goals and objectives are for going solar. Then enter information into our system to create a solar proposal that's right for you and your home or business.

The Installation Process


Upon completion and approval of your system design, we will begin our site survey process. 

Once the site survey is complete, our engineering team will work to complete

the engineering report. We will complete your utility application and paperwork, then apply for building and electrical permit. Once received, we schedule and install your system.

Solar Installation Cost

How much to have solar panels installed?

The cost for a solar system will depend on each individual home, that homes electricity usage and most importantly where the home is positioned with the sun and whether there are any obstructions that need to be factored into the equation. 

Because we would be doing you a disservice by putting prices for solar systems up on our website, we will provide a complimentary analysis of a complete system at no cost to you.  

Just click "Request a Quote" on our website. We will construct a proposal for you today.


Our Warranty Program


25 year product warranty

We provide a warranty on all our panels for 25 years against malfunction or defect. Warranty includes parts and labor

25 year linear warranty

25 year linear warranty on the performance of the panels to the specifications of the manufacture

12 year workmanship warranty

Accept Solar warranties for 12 years against any damage resulting from our installation team's negligence

10 year production guarantee

Our design team puts a lot of time and attention to calculating your systems performance. If we made a mistake, we will write you a check for the difference. 

5 year penetration warranty

Our installation team takes pride in their work and we take extra measures to ensure there are no mistakes. We take such great pride that we will warranty for 5 years against water penetration

20 year inverter warranty

Your solar panels will last 30 plus years, but your inverter on the other hand, not so much. Therefore, we provide an extended warranty on all our inverters

Accept Solar Panels

LG Solar Panels


A favorite of many homeowners in MA, LG is manufactured in South Korea and is in the top 3 of the industries best solar panels

Panasonic Solar Panels


Manufactured in the US and considered in the top 5 of the best solar panels available in the industry

Silfab Solar Panels


A canadian based company, manufactured in the US and Canada. Considered in the top 5 of the best solar panels available in the industry

Solaria Solar Panels


Manufactured in the US, considered in the top 5 of the best solar panels available in the industry

Hanwha Solar Panels


Manufactured in China and Korea, used by many US solar companies, known for reliability

Battery Storage

Battery Storage & Car Charger Port


Accept Solar Installs Battery Storage & Charging Ports

LG Chem

We install LG Chem storage as an additional option for homeowners.

Electric Car Charging Port

Accept Solar can install our LG Chem storage with a electric car charging port for your convenience. Ask for more details


For a limited time, Accept Solar is offering $500 off a LG Chem storage. Ask for more details

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