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Electricity Rate Cost Comparison

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 At Accept Solar we have the resources and technology to compare rates by all third party suppliers. These resources and technology allow us to provide you with the best rate the industry has to offer. But not all the time is rate a factor for many of our clients. Third party providers can be chosen by the amount of Green Resources that go into the production of electricity. Whether it be 50% or 100% renewable resources. We have the ability to chose a third party supplier for you based on your environmental beliefs and passions 

The Power to Choose

Electricity Station-Power to Choose

The power to chose has been around for over 10 years, however for the longest time utility companies made it difficult for consumers to understand this method. 

Now there are resources available to you the consumer to choose your third party provider based on price and environmental resources and initiative.  

Why Compare Electricity Providers?

Electricity Rate Comparison-Power Lines

Very simply put, price and renewable efforts. Your electric rate can vary from 1/2 of a penny to sometimes as much as 2 cents per kilowatt. 

No 2 cents might not seem like a lot of money but when you multiply that by 1000 kilowatts or even 1500 kilowatts that you use in your home or business, it could be the difference of hundreds of dollars per year. 

Compare Electricity Rates-Massachusetts

How much do I pay?

Sometime reading your electric bill can become a bit confusing. Here at Accept Solar we are able to offer you a true cost comparison of your current electric bill versus the best available rate in your area/region.

We could welcome the opportunity to offer you a free cost comparison so that you are fully aware of any possible cost reduction you would receive by making the switch to another carrier.


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