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Accept Home Improvement is a division of Accept Solar and provides roof replacement and repairs in addition to Ductless Mini Split Installation. This division was created in 2019 to better serve our clients with an all in one experience from roof replacement, mini split and solar installation. 

Ductless Mini Splits are the most economical source to your heating and cooling desires within your home when coupled with a state of the art solar system.

Mini Splits have been around for many years, but not until recently have they become a go to for homeowners due to the generous rebates offered and the newly designed operational features.

Imagine installing a hyper-air ductless mini split to heat and cool your home with a solar system designed to eliminate the cost of your traditional electric bill plus the added usage of electricity that your mini split uses. 

At Accept Solar and Accept Home Improvement, our goal is to install a high quality mini split and a state of the art solar system that eliminates your entire electric bill. 



Mini split and condensor


We only install Mitsubishi equipment which is the #1 rated mini split equipment on the market

Wall Mount


Installed on the ceiling, these mini split heads provide supplemental or primary heating and cooling sources

Outdoor Condensor


Few Ways to Hide a System

Floor Mount System


Nice, decorative way to install a ductless mini split and hide it in a creative manner

Recessed Wall Mount


We have the tools and resources to recess the mini split into the wall

Hidden Wall Mount


Our most creative project yet, louver door vented unit


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