Accept Solar is a full service Residential and Commercial solar company since 2012, founded on the principles of customer first. We believe in educating consumers on all the components of solar for your home or business, work together on deciding the best course of action that achieve your ultimate goal, whether it be energy cost control or your efforts for wanting a better safer environment.

We provide installation for traditional solar systems on your home or business. We also provide installation for ground mount systems from as small as 25kw to as much as 5MW and larger. We offer community solar programs where you can receive cleaner, safer energy to your home or business without having a traditional system on your roof. Furthermore, we have utility supply rate reduction programs.

Whether you are looking to pay cash for your system or looking for 100% financing, we have all the best programs the industry has to offer. Our services are completely complimentary, so never worry about reaching out to us for answers to all your questions.