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We believe decisions that affect your family financially shouldn’t come easy. Our mission is to guide you, educate you and provide you with the tools, resources and knowledge that you need to make a well-informed decision. Communication and education are the foundation to excellent client care and successful decision making, not just today but well into the future. Our customer relationships are developed from prior clients who trust and rely on our knowledge and expertise. Those relationships at Accept Solar cherished and respected everyday.

System Pricing

We have 100% financing options available, prices are shown based without financing

How much do solar panels cost?

The cost of a new solar system will vary depending on your electric usage within your home or business. There are many different factors that go into how much your system will cost. Factors such as the type of panels used, amount of energy you use, the amount of panels that can fit on your roof. . 

Without reviewing your most recent electric bill no one can give you accurate cost. However with practical estimations of your most recent electric bill we can provide you with a estimate. Just click below and we will have an estimate for you in less than 24 hours.

What Solar Systems Do We Offer?


Power Purchase Agreements

There are two options for residential solar systems. Accept solar can provide you with either of the options.

Option 1: A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) A PPA option is where we can put a solar system on your roof absolutely free. We will warranty the system and maintain the system for the period of time it is on your roof. You forfeit your tax credits and incentives in the option and in return the system on your roof is free and you end up paying a small electric rate for the energy produced from the system.


Option 2: In this option you are purchasing the solar system and you will receive 100% of the tax credits and incentives. Accept Solar will finance 100% of the system at a low fixed interest rate with no money down and never any fees or costs.

Tax credits and incentives can be as much as 60% of the total system costs. It's these credits and incentives that make going solar your best option. In this option, our goal is to design you a solar system that eliminates 100% of your electric bill.

Community Solar Options

Community Solar is the next best thing in the solar and energy world. Community Solar is for those homes and businesses that can't or don't want to put traditional solar on your roof. Solar communities throughout the State send solar credits to you at up to a 10% discount. Those credits are then applied to your electric bill, reducing your bill. At Accept Solar, there are no contracts, no fees, no costs, no risks to you for Community Solar. 

Commercial Solar Systems

Accept Solar has multiple options for businesses that want solar for their business. 

Option 1: Traditional solar purchase. We will design a system that best fits your business goals and objectives. In this option businesses would be looking to maximize their tax appetite by taking advantage of the tax credits and incentives offered. In some case we can offer financing up to 100%

Option 2: We will install a complete solar system in a ground mount or roof top design at no cost to you. The system is 100% free and fully warranty and maintained by the project developer. In return, we will compensate the business or building owner an annual revenue contractually for many years for the use of that land or roof. This option is is very desirable for businesses where cash flow or operating capital is a concern. 

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Spiere Family

It took us 6 months back in 2014 to decide to go solar . Best decision we ever made was working with Accept Solar, oh and the solar was great also. Thank you Accept Solar

Commercial Client

Our electric bill was 1,800 a month. Shawn convinced us to buy our solar system for the business. In 4 months, our electric bill was zero. With the tax credits, the system paid for itself. 

David Lee & Family

 Sean convinced us to put solar on our 3 family home where all the tenants electric was covered. The electric for each tenant is zero per month. I was able to increase the rent each unit by 300 dollars. Our tenants are all happy

Trehan Family

My electric bill averaged 350 per month because our heat is electric, that was in 2015. We haven't had an electric bill since. Thank you Accept Solar - Richard

Gore Residence

Solar was the best decision we made, thank you guys, great job!

7 Eleven

No electric bill, no problem by us! 

We will recommend you guys to all our other 7 Eleven owners!

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There is a lot of information to know about getting solar for your home or business as well as getting the lowest rate on your electricity. We have all the information, consider us your one-stop shop for information.

  • Do you know how the solar credits work on your solar system? WE DO!

  • Do you know what the rate you are paying Eversource or National Grid for your electric is? WE DO!

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